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Stronger Together

Welcome to The You Matter Movement Website

It's great to see you here. Whether you're a young person wanting some support or a parent wanting to learn more, we can help out.

75% of mental health issues start  before the age of 18.

Let's change that.

Today's stories

How to help a friend who is struggling

Be a listening ear

Sometimes just letting out our feelings and struggles can really help to overcome them. Be a good listener for a friend, encourage them that they're okay and that you are always there to support them.

Be patient.

Don't force it. Opening up about whatever they're going through can be tough, so don't rush them into it. They'll open up when they feel comfortable to. Simply be available, reassuring and calm.

Offer practical help

Little acts of kindness - like offering to help them with school work or to go to professional appointments with them. Sometimes even just walking them home after school, or inviting them to the cinema, can have a positive effect.

Want to know more?

If you've never heard of The You Matter Movement before, or want to know more, click the button below to learn more about who we are and what we do!

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